• Paediatrics

    Children are not little adults.....


    … at least when it comes to medical problems. Children have unique physiology and psychology. Our little ones suffer different illnesses than adults and have different symptoms for the same illnesses. Green Apple Family Medical Centre is geared for children both medically and socially. We have a great cubby and toys for the toddlers, change table for the bubs and health professionals whom understand kids. Children aged under 16 years are bulk billed for consultations.

    All routine childrens' ( under 16 yrs) services (incl. vaccinations) are bulk billed. We have all vaccinations for the Australian childhood immunisation schedule. There will be a fee for any surgical procedures as per the adult fee schedule.

  • Women's Health

    Our specialist gynaecologist is available for all your women's health needs.


    Our doctors perform PAP smears, manage irregular or heavy bleeding, contraception, pelvic pain, endometriosis, vaginal discharge or dryness and recurrent urinary tract infections which are all common women’s health needs. If required or requested, patients will be referred ‘in-house’ to our female specialist gynaecologist.


      • Gynaecologist initial consultation                  $200
      • Gynaecologist subsequent consultation       $100
      • Mirena insertion                                                $80 (+ consult fee)
      • Implanon insertion                                            $80
      • Implanon removal                                            $80

  • Men's Health

    Blokes need checks too...


    Men are generally at a higher risk of disease…..and less likely to get checked! Erectile dysfunction, scrotal lumps and bumps, prostate issues are common men’s only problems. These issues are dealt with on a daily basis at Green Apple Family Medical Centre and often there is a solution.

  • Occupational Medicine / Workcover**

    Now I am really stressed ......


    ** Unfortunately, Green Apple Family Medical Centre is not taking on new Workcover cases at this time **

    Work injuries and Workcover is often very stressful for patients and family. It involves your health and effects your income! Green Apple Family Medical Centre will help guide you through this process and fix your medical issues. The doctors at Green Apple have significant experience in return to work planning.

  • Travel Medicine

    Business or pleasure?


    Whatever the reason for travel, you need to be prepared. Most overseas destinations (including the USA and Europe) do not have the ease of access to medications or health care services that we do in Oz. Be prepared with vaccinations, medications and health information. These are available at Green Apple Family Medical Centre.

    Travel vaccinations need to be purchased. Our adjacent pharmacy generally has everything you need. Consultations are billed as normal. There is no additional charge.

  • Chronic Disease / Care Plans

    Let's make a plan...


    If you are suffering a long-term, complicated or serious medical problem, it is good to have a plan. Written plans are a great way for you and your health professionals to stay on the same page.

    Care plans, chronic disease plans, asthma plans etc. are billed as you would be for a normal consultation. There is no extra fee.

  • Sports Medicine

    Let's get it back


    We’re not all elite athletes but at Green Apple we believe all injuries should be treated the same. Quick diagnosis and rehabilitation is the key to getting back in the game…. or back to work. Dr Davison worked for the military for many years where advanced management of sports injuries was paramount to military capability. We hope to do the same for you.

  • Appointments

    Book online above, or call us on (08) 7325 0301 *If you required an urgent, on the day appointment please call reception from 8:00am.*
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  • Bulk Billing

    BULK BILLING CEASED FROM 1ST JANUARY 2023. REDUCED consultation fees are charged for Concession Card Holders and children under 16 years. *** Full fees still apply to GP Skin consultations ***
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  • Opening Hours

    • Monday to Friday
      8:30am - 5:45pm
    • Saturday & Sunday
    Our reception desk is staffed from 8:00am Monday - Friday. Consultations start from 8:30am.
  • Video consultation

    Video consultations can be booked by calling 73250301
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