• Acne

    Most patients when properly treated will have a significant improvement...*


    A vast amount of time and money is wasted on non-prescribed (over the counter) acne treatments, either recommended by pharmacies, friends or the media. Acne is a significant medical condition that impacts on lives and lifestyles. See what a difference medical skin care can make for this condition.*

  • Anti-wrinkle injections

    Injections are simple and safe in the right hands*

    Whether you like a ‘freshen up’ once per year for special occasions or every 3-4 months, you can’t beat this powerful but subtle cosmetic treatment. Common treatment areas include the frown lines (glabella), forehead lines, eye lines (crow’s feet) and upper lip (smokers’ lines).*

    Per unit price $4 - $6.80

      *** Package: Frown lines (glabella) + forehead + eye lines (crows feet) for  $600 ***

      • Frown lines (glabella)                               $200 – $340
      • Eye lines (crows feet)                                $250 
      • Forehead lines                                           $200
      • Your GP Skin doctor will discuss packages and prices for injections of other areas such as the eyebrow lift, lips, chin, jaw, neck and bunny lines

  • Cosmetic Mole Removal

    Most moles or lumps can be gone in minutes without stitches*


    Moles, marks, skin tags, ‘old-age warts’ can be removed by a number of techniques including shaving, freezing, curetting or by melting them away. Generally, stitches not required and a sticking plaster is worn for 2 days. It’ s that simple!*

    Removal of one or two lesions is just $80. Larger cyst removal will usually require stitching and will cost $130.

  • Dermal Fillers

    Get the natural look*


    Dermal fillers are a revelation in facial aesthetic treatment. Deepening facial lines, thinning lips, down-turning mouth corners, under eye darkness and loss of cheek volume can be improved instantly and safely.*

    Although significant skill is required for injection and temporary bruising can result, dermal fillers can last up to 18 months.*

    Fillers Vs Anti-wrinkle injections; Fillers “fill” up and anti-wrinkle injections stop wrinkles forming. Make sure you get the right advice for you.*

    First 1ml dermal filler $500 and thereafter (maximum) $650 per 1ml

      Dermal filler treatment is very individual. The amount and type of dermal filler used is dependent upon the area to be filled, skin type and injection technique. Discuss with your GP Skin doctor what is right for you and how we can use less filler for a longer lasting result.*

    Cheek dermal filler injections

    Dermal filler injected in the cheek area is now one of the most common cosmetic procedures. As we age, our cheeks essentially fall down. This results in a gaunt look and highlights under eye darkness and wrinkles. Dermal filler to the cheek area gives you a sharper and younger look and distracts from any under eye problems.* Like the lips, this is a real ‘ WOW’ injection site and lasts up to 18 months.* See your GP Skin doctor and find out why this is now one of the most common dermal filler treatment areas.

    Lip dermal filler injection


    Since the beginning of time, lips have been synonymous with beauty. Even from our late twenties, our lips start to lose volume, structure and definition. Lip dermal filler is fantastic at restoring volume and defining the white-red border of your lips which gives a fantastic natural and fresh appearance.*

  • Eczema

    This itchy skin condition can be improved with good advice from a medical professional*


    Your GP Skin doctor will give you a definitive plan for eczema management. Although time is the only cure, this condition can often be treated well enough so there are no symptoms. Patients are often given bad advice with regards to treatment and spend too much on various unnecessary ‘lotions and potions’. Discuss the pros and cons of various treatments with your GP Skin doctor.*

  • Flaky Scalp/Skin

    Dandruff or psoriasis?


    These conditions are often confused by patients and health professionals alike. Once the correct diagnosis is made, treatment is often very effective.*

  • Fungal Infections

    Athletes foot, jock itch, ringworm, facial rashes, crumbling or discoloured nails .....


    These conditions are usually due to a fungus or tinea. Once the correct diagnosis is made, treatment is often effective. Treatment with tablets is often required.*

  • Itchy Skin

    Itch can be severe and very distressing...


    There are many causes of pruritus (itch). Medications, viruses, scabies, bed bugs, eczema, hives, contact allergies, liver or kidney problems to name a few. Pruritus can impact upon work, sleep and your mental health. There are a large number of treatments depending on the cause.*

  • Nail Problems

    It's all in the nails...


    Finger or toenail problems often give a clue to the presence of other skin and body medical conditions. Nail problems are often very distressing for patients as our hands are used for greeting and communication. Get any persisting nail changes promptly seen to by your GP or at GP Skin.*

  • Psoriasis

    This common skin condition can be improved*


    Psoriasis often runs in families. Did you know you can also get psoriasis after an infection? There are many existing therapies as well as several newer treatments available for psoriasis which may help you. Often the difficulty of treating psoriasis is knowing what treatments to use where, when and for how long.*

  • Rashes / Children’s Skin Problems

    Almost all children will have a rash or skin problem


    Thankfully, a lot of rashes are harmless. Children get a myriad of rashes not usually seen in adults. These include Hand, Foot and Mouth, Impetigo (school sores), Roseola, Molluscum, Chicken Pox, Slapped Cheek, Fungal Infections, Viral Exanthems, Nappy Rash, Keratosis Pilaris and Hives. More uncommon rashes include Measles, Rubella, Scarlet Fever, Henoch Schoenlein Pupura and Meningococcal.  Sometimes just reassurance is needed. See your GP or GP Skin if you’re not sure.*

  • Skin Cancer Checks

    Have your skin checked every year


    Not surprisingly, most skin problems are found by the patient – not the doctor. All Australians should check their skin regularly as well as have a professional skin check annually. If you notice a new skin lesion that won’t go away or any change in an existing mole, such as tenderness or itch, get it checked as soon as possible. Get to know the skin you are in! Prevention is the best way to go.*

  • Skin Cancer Surgery

    Some skin lesions have to be removed


    Surgery is often the only option when it comes to skin cancer treatment. GP Skin has two fully equipped treatment rooms for skin surgery. GP Skin uses contemporary techniques and equipment to obtain the most effective and cosmetically pleasing results.*

      • Biopsy
      • Curetting and curettage
      • Excision of skin lesions requiring stitches
      • Skin grafts and skin flap repairs

  • Spider Veins

    You don't have to live with spider veins!*


    Spider and reticular (small blue) veins are very common. These veins are unsightly and often ache. They are more common in families and in people who have to be on their feet for long periods. Sclerotherapy is the process of injecting veins which ultimately results in their degradation and eventual disappearance. Get your legs back for a little as $210!

    Sclerotherapy (injection) of veins costs just $80-130 per session. Your GP Skin doctor will advise you of the number of sessions required. (usually 2 or 3 )

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